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The Judo Club at the
University of South Carolina
[Kodokan Judo]


What is Judo?

Meaning "the Gentle Way", Judo is a Martial Art that was created in 1882 in Tokyo, Japan. It has been an Olympic sport since 1964.
But rather than go into all of the details of the creation, philosophy, and techniques of Judo, which are extensively listed in The Judo Information Site, we thought we'd give you our information so that you can come visit us and find out what we do.

Meeting Information

The Judo Club meets Mondays 6:00 - 7:00 (beginners class) 7:00 - 9:00 (advanced), Thursdays, 6:00-8:00 at the Blatt PE Center .Gym 306B
Chief  Instructor: Joseph Hughey, 1st degree Black  Belt (Shodan),

Associate Instructor: Paul Burghardt, 1st degree Black  Belt (Shodan),

Associate Instructor: Peter Bergholz 

**Dues: $0 per Semester!**
(for insurance purposes, we ask that you join the USJA, USJI, or IJF)

Tournament Throw Judo as a Competitive Sport

One advantage that Judo has over other martial arts, is that it can be practiced at full force or close to full force in practices and tournaments without a high incident of injury. Because of this, Judoka (as Judo players are called) gain a realistic view of their art and how they can apply it.
Anyone interested in competing in Judo should check out the Judo Tournament Rules available online. These are up to date and worth looking at.

Why Judo?

Our training is recognized worldwide. There are few other sports that are so widespread. The overall majority of judoka practice Kodokan Judo, so the techniques we practice are the same around the world. And if that's not reason enough, WE HAVE FUN. Judo is a team sport, and you workout with other people of similar interests.

Do many women practice Judo?

ABSOLUTELY! Judo was specifically designed to enable a smaller person to control larger opponents. There are many women who practice Judo as a sport, and there are plenty of opportunities to try your skills in tournaments. In Judo, women are not excluded in any manner whatsoever. Flying Lessons!


For further information email or call
Joseph A. Hughey, Club President:
Phone: (803) 544-2747

- or -
Bryan van der Meer, Club Treasurer
Phone: (803) 544-1202


Choke!!!There is an INCREDIBLE amount of information about Judo on the Web, Check out the Metacrawler or Webcrawler Judo Search Results to get an idea of what's out there!